How mobiLUX works

1. Find mobiLUX tag next to standard label

Step 1
In the production facility, the secure MobiLUX labels are applied to individual products or cases.

2. Take a photo with your cell phone

Step 1
By using an ordinary cell phone with a camera and email or SMS text messaging capability, you can take a photo of the special MobiLUX label.

3. Send email / MMS to mobiLUX centre

Step 1
Send the picture to the MobiLUX website. Simple instructions for this process are clearly printed on the label itself.

4. Get back the originality confirmation

Step 1
You'll receive an immediate reply that provides information about the product’s source and authentic or counterfeit status. In the event that a product or label is illegitimate or has been tampered with, MobiLUX warns you.

About us

Luxury Goods Authentication and Anti-Counterfeit System

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mobiLUX is protected by US Patent #8,335,491

"Camera-equipped cellular telephones have become commonplace. However, the image-capturing capability of these cellular telephones is typically utilized merely to record images and share them with others. There is a need for a way to utilize the image-capturing capability of camera-equipped cellular telephones to serve as a data input device."